20062 Amorphophallus konjac syn. rivieri – Devil’s Tongue


Packet Content: 5 seeds


Yunnan’s Devil’s Tongue is a rare, perennial giant arachnid plant – so to speak, a titan spice. It forms a huge red to purple flower bulb, which can be up to gigantic 2 m high. The inflorescence develops from the subterranean tuber before the plant then shifts a single double-feathered leaf. The height is about 90 – 150 cm. The leaf dies off in the fall. It dries up, dissolves from the tuber and has previously passed nutrients to the tuber. This gets a little bigger every year. The Devil’s Tongue, also called Voodoo-Lilly or Konjac Root, comes from Yunnan Province in China. Today, their occurrence is equally in Japan and Indonesia.


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