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Artificial Topiary (Cupress)
Artificial Topiary (Cupress)
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Roses Bouquet 01
Roses Bouquet 01
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Η ενίσχυση της εταιρίας για την παροχή νέων ηλεκτρονικών υπηρεσιών συγχρηματοδοτείται από το Ευρωπαϊκό Ταμείο Περιφερειακής Ανάπτυξης και το Ελληνικό Δημόσιο στο πλαίσιο του Επιχειρησιακού Προγράμματος "Κοινωνία της Πληροφορίας".

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Poinsettia the Christmas plant. Sending a potted plant is a thoughtful alternative to sending cut flowers. Plants can be sent for a number of various…

10.00EURCarnivorous Plants in pot - CAR03 Sarracenia purpurea
Carnivorous Plants in pot - CAR03 Sarracenia purpurea
If you are brave enough then you will love the challenge of growing your very own carnivorous plant collection. The Carnivorous Plants set contents:…

7.00EURBare-rooted rose 16-417
Bare-rooted rose 16-417

15.00EURJericho Rose
Jericho Rose
Jericho Rose - Resurrection Plant. Available in small wooden chest. The dried-up plant, placed in water, will recover its natural green color and b…

26.00EURBio-Starter Sprouter
Bio-Starter Sprouter
An ingenious Three Tier Sprouter, perfect to provide the ideal growing conditions for sprouting or pre-sprouting all kinds of nutritious beans, pulses…

30.00EURRoses Bouquet 01
Roses Bouquet 01


New Products For January
8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP203
Bare-rooted rose VLP203
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Rose Gaujard  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP204
Bare-rooted rose VLP204
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Capistrano  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP205
Bare-rooted rose VLP205
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Carla  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP420
Bare-rooted rose VLP420
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Pascali  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP412
Bare-rooted rose VLP412
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Landora  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP408
Bare-rooted rose VLP408
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Armonia  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP443
Bare-rooted rose VLP443
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Mauve Melodia  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP413
Bare-rooted rose VLP413
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Caribia  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP417
Bare-rooted rose VLP417
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Eminence  

8.00EURBare-rooted rose VLP401
Bare-rooted rose VLP401
Pre-packed bare-rooted rose var. Rosa Nera

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01.71050K - Coir Pellets
02.Jericho Rose
03.Bonsai Soil
04.Carnivorous plants seeds - 12705 Dionaea muscipula
05.74338K - Propagator and Seed Tray
06.Bonsai expert Kit
07.Carnivorous Plants in pot - CAR01 Dionaea muscipula
08.Cacti seeds - 19413 Agave vilmoriniana
09.76101K - Propagation soil
10.Neptunus Air fern
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Bare-rooted rose VLP413
Bare-rooted rose VLP413