12975 Dendrocalamus gigantea


Packet Content: 50 seeds



The giant bamboo is indigenous to Southeast Asia. The giant bamboo produces the largest blades of grass in the world (the plant is a member of the grass family) and this in record time. It grows 30 to 40 cm a day in the damp-warm regions of the tropics, There, it is often planted in parks. The bamboo is of dull green colour and grows slender, lengthy leaves. The giant bamboo is a diverse crop. With a stem diameter of about 30 cm and because of its hardness, bamboo stems are perfectly suited as water pipes or for the construction of bridges, houses and scaffold. The bamboo flowers after several centuries and then dies back.

Sowing Advice

The seeds can be started indoors at any time throughout the year. Press the cereal-like seeds onto moist cultivation soil, cover them thinly with the substratum and move the container in a warm spot. Given temperatures around 25°C and even moisture, the seeds germinate after 10 to 20 days.


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