13116 Ceratonia siliqua var. edulis – Carob Tree


Packet Content: 30 seeds


The carob tree is an evergreen 5-10 metres tall tree with leathery leaves and an ornamental, gnarled treetop. It is very popular to cultivate this easy to care for, slow-growing plant as a tub plant or bonsai within our regions. The tree is completely undemanding and there are no diseases or pests known. The seeds served as a unit of weight, which is still used in today’s jewellery trade and is known as carat (= 0,18 gr.). In Austria, the so-called carob coffee is obtained from pods. Embryo-free seeds are traded as locust bean gum and the fruits are popularly used as horse feed which makes this beautiful, shade-producing plant both an ornamental plant as well as a crop.


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