13159 Schisandra chinensis – Five Flavor Berry


Packet Content: 30 seeds


In Asia, the decorative climber has been know as a medicinal and fruit plant for over 2000 years. It was already mentioned during the late Han-dynasty and is considered one of the best tonicized herbs of China. “Wu-Wei-Zi“ translated means “plant with five flavors“. When consuming the red berries, they taste sweet-sour-hot-salty and bitter. In Europe, the China berry, also called Chinese berry grape or Chinese magnolia, has been known since 1860. However, it wasn’t until the last years that the plant has become known better. It is robust, easy to care for, self-fertile, hardy and does already bear fruits in its second year of growth. Schizandra berries are supposed to help with depressions, stress, forgetfulness and insomnia, but also said to have a soothing effect. Tea can be made from dried leaves and berries. The fruits are also suitable for making juices, jelly, marmalade etc.. They contain vitamines C, B6 and E, as well as provitamin A, minerals and trace elements.


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