13173 Moringa ovalifolia – Ghost Tree of Etosha


Packet Content: 10 seeds


It is a succulent-stemmed, erect tree found in desert and semi-desert areas. It is deciduous, grows 6 to 7 metres tall and has a main branch up to 1 meter in diameter. It produces attractive white flowers. In leafless condition people from Namibia call it “the ghost tree of Etosha” (close to the National parks). Countless products are obtained from the plant, which is also called “green gold” in Africa, because no other tree or plant has such a high level of efficient and concentrated bio-ressources. The parts of the plant contain eleven vitamines, ten minerals and eight of the essential amino acids as well as numerous trace elements. The tree has seven times more vitamin C than oranges and so forth and so forth. Even the pharmaceutical industry has taken an interest into this wonder tree, the Moringa plant, calling it the plant richest in vitamines worldwide. The plant can also be cultivated within our regions, either in a pot or a tub. By the way: This wonder tree can even kill bacteria. With a tenth of Moringa seeds, one litre of water can completely be cleared of bacteria.


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