13174 Strelitzia reginae Yellow – Bird Of Paradise – Yellow


Packet Content: 4 seeds


In 1970, there were only five yellow strelitzia to be found in South Africa. The rarely found and extremely decorative plant immediately creates a Tropical flair. Instead of orange, the 3 flowering leaves are of golden yellow colour. The leaves are slimmer with the plant able to grow 1 to 1,50 in height. In honour of Nelson Mandela the plant was named “Mandela’s Gold” in 1996. Only with the crossing of 2 yellow flowering strelitzia was it possible to obtain seeds that would generate 100% yellow flowering birds of paradise. Today, the plants are even pollinated manually in a small plant breeding business in South Africa. Given good conditions, the easy to care for strelitzia is flowering after 3 years.


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