13220 Argania spinosa – Argan


Packet Content: 2 seeds


The argan tree from North Africa, which is almost unknown here, has existed there for more than 80 million years and is thus rightly considered a living fossil. The circulation area extended from Morocco over Algeria to the northern Sahara. The plant grows in nature as a small tree (10 meters high) today exclusively in Morocco, forms small leaves and uses olive-like fruits, from which the high-quality oil is obtained. The argan tree can be excellently cultivated in a pot or bucket as an ornamental plant. Just like in nature, it is resistant and tolerates very long drying times. With bucket attitude approx. 1.50 meters height are reached and with low trunk develops a broad crown. During too long dry seasons he throws off his leaves. Even temperatures over 50 ° C do not harm the plant. The life expectancy is an entertaining 280-400 years.


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