13242 Eriobotrya japonica – Japanese medlar


Packet Content: 2 seeds


The evergreen Japanese loquat comes from China, quickly arrived in Japan and was brought to Europe around 1870. Today it can be found throughout the Mediterranean and the tropics. The completely pest-free medlar is cultivated as a very decorative container plant and as a valuable fruit shrub. As an ornamental plant, it grows quickly, vigorously and branches without pruning from 1 m height by itself. It prefers sheltered, sunny spots and is otherwise quite undemanding. The leaves are glossy dark green on the top and covered with white felt on the bottom. In Japan, the loquat is one of the most important fruit trees. From their yellow, delicious fruits, the medlars are made jams, jellies and preserves. Even raw or processed to delicious desserts you should not miss this enjoyment.


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