13248 Melianthus major – Giant Honey Flower


Packet Content: 5 seeds


The giant honey bush from the Cape region of South Africa is a coveted, perennial plant that reaches a height and a diameter of almost 2 m within a short time. It is one of only six species of Melianthus found in South Africa. With its jagged and large bizarre leaves and giant flowers, the honey bush looks more like a fossil from prehistoric times. The fast-growing plant forms tall flower stems with many reddish brown flowers. These are especially popular with honey birds as they produce large amounts of honey-scented nectar. The leaves also have a pleasant nutty smell. Unfortunately, these are poisonous. In South Africa, the plant is used medicinally – but only for external use. Envelopes for rheumatism are made with it. The giant honey bush is ideal as a summer plant for the garden.


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