13298 Datura inoxia – White Devil’s Trumpet


Packet Content: 20 seeds


This legendary plant of the nightshade family has its origins in Central America and was used by the Indians as a panacea. All plant parts of the highly toxic Datura were used and exact dosages in the treatments were vital. But the plant was also used by the Aztecs, as it contained hallucinogens. Today, the large-flowered thorn apple can be found in southern Europe and in our latitudes as an ornamental plant in the gardens. The plant is fast-growing, depending on the location 50 -200 cm high and forms from June to October large, white funnel flowers. These can have a length of 15-20 cm. The growth is bushy and the leaves are soft, as well as oval shaped. Only in the lower part still toothed leaves occur.


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