13313 Cortaderia selloana “Silber”


Packet Content: 200 seeds



The pampas grass is indigenous to the pampas of Brazil, Chile and central Argentina. With its silvery-white, almost one metre tall seed-heads, the impressive, evergreen solitary grass deserves a special position either in a large tub or a free place in the garden. The tuft-like leaf shrubbery grows 80-200 cm high and the long flowers do attain an additional 100 cm in lenght on top of that. Even cut and desplayed insided the house they will last for almost a year. The pampas grass was imported into Europe around 1840 and is very popular as an ornamental plant.

Sowing Advice

Spread the seeds out on moist cultivation soil and press them on. You can increase the germination rate considerably by adding approximately 25% or perlite to the soil. This natural product stores water, warmth and has a soil aerating effect. At 20°-25°C and even soil moisture, the seeds germinate after 10-12 days.


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