13317 Bambusa balcooa


Packet Content: 20 seeds



large, densely clustering bamboo with dark green culms to more than 20 m tall and to 15 cm in diameter. The large, wide leaves can reach a length of 30 cm. It is widely distributed in the tropics, and popular in India and Australia for its strong, thick-walled culms that re used in construction. The young shoots are edible.

Sowing Advice

The seeds can be started indoors at any time throughout the year. Press the cereal-like seeds onto moist cultivation soil, cover them thinly with the substratum and move the container in a warm spot. Given temperatures around 25°C and even moisture, the seeds germinate after 10 to 20 days.

Seeds sometimes germinate within 4 to 6 weeks although some varieties may take very much longer so please be patient. Plant out in the open ground in warmer countries or in a large container elsewhere.


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