20054 Lagerstroemia indica white – Crepe myrtle – White


Packet Content: 50 seeds


This small, up to 4 meters high, magnificent ornamental and park tree is appreciated in southern Europe, northern Australia and tropical America due to its countless snow-white flowers. These appear from June to September in almost 40 cm long inflorescences at the end of the branches. Despite its name, the plant does not come from India, but from Central and East Asia. Her reddish and resistant wood is also popular. It is often used for the construction of boats and railway sleepers. In our latitudes the rose of India is a fantastic tub plant and simple in attitude. It loves bright locations in the summer and already the young plants set here many flowers. In winter, the plant tolerates cold up to – 8 ° C. In northern Italy have Promadenbäumchen already to – 12 ° C. survived.


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