20059 Paulownia catalpifolia – Catalpa Paulownia


Packet Content: 200 seeds


A sea of flowers – in purple-pink to white – pastel colors like in a color box. The umbels and the single flowers are much larger and more impressive, but are not as strong in color, as that of the relatives, the Paulownia tomentosa. The fast-growing, deciduous broadleaf tree from eastern Asia is hardy and can reach a height of 1-2 m in good conditions in the first year. Exposed trees reach a height of 10-15 in nature. The heart-shaped leaves are very large in the youth phase (30-45 cm in diameter) and slightly hairy on the underside. The large-flowered bluebell tree is not only a beautiful, flowering ornamental tree, it is also gladly planted as a shade dispenser.


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