An ingenious Three Tier Sprouter, perfect to provide the ideal growing conditions for sprouting or pre-sprouting all kinds of nutritious beans, pulses, grains and nuts. Not only is this system easy, but you’ll get results in a matter of days. And when you’ve grown them yourself, you know exactly what is going into your crop, so there’s no fear of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

Dimensions: 18,5cm height x 18,5cm diameter

If you plan to grow many sprouts and keep a constant supply, Bio-sprouter is worth getting and will keep for many years. Bio-sprouter trays are autonomus but also they are stackable, so different seeds can be grown at the same time on separate trays.

Rinse the soaked seeds and drain well or the seeds will rot,

Cover the bottom of each tray with a thin layer of soaked seeds (do not pile the seeds on or they will not have enough air and space to sprout correctly),

Pour a glass of water over the tray, morning and evening, until the seeds sprout,

When the seeds have sprouted, place the tray on a sunny windowstill for 24 hours to increase the content of chlorophill.


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