Draker RTU ready-to-use insecticide




A long-lasting, broad-spectrum ready-to-use microencapsulated liquid insecticide.

For cockroaches, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, moths, bugs, gnats, dust mites and insects in general.

Apply uniformly the product on the area of presence and on the runways of the insects, especially rooms’ perimeter, skirting boards, corners and cracks, the back of furniture, kitchens, ovens, fridges, anywhere waste is kept, toilets and wherever insects are likely to be nesting or pass through.

For flying insects, treat surfaces where they tend to set down.

Against ant, apply Draker RTU along the passageway: windowsill, doorstep, jamb, terrace, cornice. Against mosquitoes, treat hedges, fields and green areas where usually there are people. Usually 500 ml are sufficient to treat a surface of 20-30 m2.


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