MicroGreen Garden, Cressbar, Starter Set



Microgreens are a new culinary trend. The microgreens impress with their appearance, strong colors, intense aroma and serve as a decoration and ingredient to salads, soups or sandwiches. Microgreens are harvested when the first leaf pair has developed after the cotyledons. Consumed, unlike germ buds, only the growth without roots, as it is e.g. knows of the cress.

It’s easy to grow microgreens yourself. Simply insert the pads, water them regularly and harvest them after a few days.

Grow microgreens with MicroGreen Garden Starter Set

Set includes:

4 refill pads Radishe, cress, mustard and rocket


Dimensions of the box (LxWxH): 16x12x6cm
Dimensions of the growth grid LxW: 13x10cm


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