12341 Litchi chinensis – Lychee


Packet Content: 10 seeds


The Litchi tree is native to southern China; but it is also widespread in South Africa, Brazil and Australia. It is considered the most valuable fruit tree in China and has been cultivated there for a little over 1000 years. The evergreen litchi plant, also called lychee, thrives here as container plant from 1.50 to 1.80 meters. It forms large, glossy green, pinnate leaves. Only the new shoot has a coppery red color. In nature, the wood is rather huge. Unfortunately, the first flowering or harvest does not start until after 6 years or even later. In Asia, the shellless litchis are eaten as fruit. But they can also be inserted and processed into sweets. Most popular, however, they are dried and dehydrated and are given as an addition to the tea.


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