20284 Althea officinalis


Packet Content: 100 seeds



The old medicinal plant with its impressive growth height of up to 1.80 m inspires with its pink-white flowers, which appear from July to September. The stems grow 1.2 m tall, erect, simple or with only a few side branches. The short-stalked leaves are rounded and ovate-heart-shaped. They are soft and velvety on both sides. The flowers are shaped like those of the common mallow. The plants are easy to care for, extremely robust and also thrive in swampy or damp areas. Marsh mallow has long been known for its medicinal properties and culinary uses.

Sowing Advice

Soak the seeds in room-warm water for 48 hours before cultivating. Then the seeds can be planted directly in slightly moist potting soil. Cover with no more than 1-2 cm of soil.


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