17501 Elettaria cardamomum


Packet Content: 30 seeds



The exotic cardamom plant is a member of the ginger plant family. The cardamom plant is a native of India, Thailand and Central America. Together with saffron and vanilla it ranks among the most expensive spices of the world. In its natural habitat, the reed-like plant is growing to a height of 3 metres. Grown in a pot or tub within our regions, it reaches a height of about one metre.The fruit’s 10-20 seeds bear the flavouring substances.

Sowing Advice

Leave the seeds to soak in water at room temperature overnight and distribute them on moist cultivation soil or herb soil. Cover the seeds thinly with cultivation soil and keep the substratum evenly moist. Move the container in a warm position (22°-25°C) until germination. First seedlings appear after 10-14 days.


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