30012 Thyrsostachys siamensis


Packet Content: 10 seeds



Thyrsostachys siamensis is native to Yunnan, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and naturalised in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia. The plant is also known as long-sheath bamboo, monastery bamboo, Thai bamboo, Thai umbrella bamboo, umbrella bamboo, and umbrella-handle bamboo. Monastery bamboo is a perennial, evergreen, clumping bamboo with short rhizomes. In seasonal climates the plant is deciduous in the dry season. It grows up to 7 to 13m tall. Culm is bright green when young, which becomes yellowish green in mature and turns yellowish brown when drying. Young shoots are purplish green in color.

Sowing Advice

The seeds can be started indoors at any time throughout the year. Press the onto moist cultivation soil, cover them thinly with the substratum and move the container in a warm spot. Given temperatures around 25°C and even moisture, the seeds germinate after 15 to 20 days.


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