13320 Arundo donax


Packet Content: 25 seeds



The beautiful, almost exotic-looking giant reed is the largest of all European grasses. Ιτ is native to all of southern Europe.It is also called broad-leaved pile pipe and reaches a height between 2.50 m – 6 m. The growth is reed-like and strictly upright. The reddish panicles of flowers, which later turn whitish, appear from August to October. With us the flowering is quite uncertain, the plant only blooms regularly in southern Europe.

Sowing Advice

Spread the seeds out on moist cultivation soil and press them on. You can increase the germination rate considerably by adding approximately 25% or perlite to the soil. This natural product stores water, warmth and has a soil aerating effect. At 20°-25°C and even soil moisture, the seeds germinate after 10-12 days.


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