17502 Stevia rebaudiana


Packet Content: 10 seeds



Stevia is indigenous to South America, for the most part to Brasil. The sweetleaf is a small growing (about 50 cm tall) shrub thriving best in a pot. It has soft leaves, flexible, hairy shoots and produces white flowers on the tip of the shoots during autumn. By now, the plant is cultivated all over the world, it has, however, not been officially approved as food-stuff everywhere. The Stevia produces a natural sweetener that surpasses the sweetness of regular sugar by far, but is not that harmful.

Sowing Advice

Press the light seeds into moist cultivation soil and cover them very thinly. Move the cultivation container in a warm place (e.g. on a radiator) and keep it evenly moist, however, not wet. Germination should follow after 1 to 4 weeks.


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