17524 Ocimum citriodorum “Sweet Lemon“


Packet Content: 200 seeds



Lemon basil is indigenous to Tropical East Asia. This annual, compact and about 30 cm tall plant with its unique, intense lemony aroma and flavour is already considered one of the most interesting herbs of all by many gourmets. The small basil bushes look well-proportioned and develop white flowers. They can be grown individually or mixed with other basil varieties and thrive in a pot, window box or in garden beds as well.

Sowing Advice

The seeds do need about 8-14 days for germination. Distribute the seeds on herb soil or on loose, humus soil, rich in nutrients, cover thinly and keep evenly moist. Place the container in a warm location (18°-25°C), for basil starts germinating from 16°-18°C on only.


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