17505 Glycyrrhiza glabra


Packet Content: 30 seeds



Liquorice is an evergreen, perennial and herbaceous plant, about 6000 years old, growing about 100 cm in height. A native of China, the plant is also cultivated in the Mediterranean area and in West Asia. It produces pinnate leaves and blueish and white butterfly flowers. The plant can best be cultivated in a large pot or tub, which will also makes it easier to move the frost-sensitive plant indoors quickly. Liquorice does not like frequent repotting very much and grows relatively slow. First harvest can be carried out after 3 years. The roots and its stolons can be harvested during autumn and have a strong scent of anise and fennel.

Sowing Advice

Leave the seeds of the legume to soak in water at room temperature overnight, distribute them on moist cultivationsoil or herb soil and cover them with a layer of soil (max. 1 cm thick) afterwards. Keep evenly moist and warm. Germination varies quite differently between 10 and 30 days.


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