17523 Ocimum basilicum “Chianti”


Packet Content: 200 seeds



A native of the whole Mediterranean region for centuries. The dark-red, annual and about 20-50 cm tall basil “Chianti” is distinctly aromatic. The dark leaves with its toothed margins are a real eye-catcher. The plants are fast growing and really stand out grown in a pot, window box or placed on a terrace. Flowers appear in pink colour. Once you have tasted the purple-red basil leaves you will not understand how you did get along with green basil only.

Sowing Advice

Being germinated by light, the seeds should just lightly be pressed into moist herb soil or soil rich in humus and poor. At temperatures of 18°-25°C, the seeds germinate after about 10-14 days. Keep evenly moist and keep in warm place. Do not move young seedlings outdoors before May.


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