17507 Capsicum frutescens L. “Red Finger”


Packet Content: 25 seeds



The chilli plant is indigenous to South America. Mild to medium hot varieties, also called pepper, come from Central America. The perennial chilli plant offers taste nuances ranging from medium hot to fiery hot. Growing to 50-80 cm in height and having lengthy, oval-shaped, dark-green leaves, the plant already produces fruits in the form of capsules within its second year of growth. The maturing process then takes about 3-4 months during which they will change their colour from green to yellow, to fiery red. The chilli plant itself is rather slow growing and should be cut back down to 30 cm after some time. Its small, white, star-shaped flowers are also quite beautiful. Fruits, fresh or dried, are used as spice.

Sowing Advice

Distribute the small, flat seeds on moist cultivation soil or herb soil, cover thinly and press on lightly. Keep evenly moist and move in a warm location. The container may be placed in a darker location until germination. At 20°-25°C, the seeds will germinate after 10-12 days.


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