17514 Berlandiera lyrata


Packet Content: 10 seeds



The small shrub is native to Southern USA. The perennial chocolate flower, also known as chocolate daisy, is a small, rosette developing shrub with long, slender and mid-green leaves. The plant produces many 60-80 cm tall stalks topped by yellow flower heads. The centre colour of the flowers is light brown. They emit a rich cocoa scent that attracts many butterflies. The chocolate flower is ideal for being grown in bowls, window boxes or garden beds as well.

Sowing Advice

Sprinkle the fine, light seeds on moist cultivation soil, press them on and keep them slightly, but constantly moist. At germination temperatures of 22°-25°C, the seeds need 3-6 weeks to germinate. Once the seedlings have grown to a height of 10 cm, they can be transplanted in pots or similar containers.


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