17520 Rosmarinus officinalis “Provence”


Packet Content: 100 seeds



The rosemary is indigenous to Southern France and Southern Spain. It sometimes does also occur in North Africa. This ancient, beautifully scenting plant originates from rocky slopes near the coast and can grow very old. Grown in a pot, rosemary also reaches a considerable height becoming a woody and branched shrub. Translated the name means “dew of the sea”, so it does like humidity very much. Rosemary is a very popular spice in Mediterranean cuisine. The variety “Provence” is characterized by its rich flavour and its quite robust growth. Flowers appear in strong blue colour. The variety is supposed to be hardy to -10°C.

Sowing Advice

At temperatures of 16°-20°C, cultivation is successfully carried out within 2-3 weeks. After this considerably long germination period the seedlings do however develop quickly. The seeds should be sown indoors until May. From May on the seedlings can be moved in an outdoor position.


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