17516 Monarda didyma


Packet Content: 20 seeds



The scarlet beebalm is native to North America and was formerly considered to be the most popular herb in the new world. The attractive scarlet beebalm, also called bergamot, grows into a 60-100 cm tall shrub with red flowers and is a great addition to every exotic herb garden. The red flowers grow storey-like and regarding their shape, they do resemble the feather works of native Americans. The flowers attract numerous insects and they are visible from June until the end of September. All parts of the plant have an orange to mint-like scent. The plants can also be divided after 2-3 years.

Sowing Advice

Sprinkle the fine seeds on moist cultivation soil or herb soil, cover thinly, press on lightly and keep evenly moist until germination. They are very good for being pregrown indoors, but can also be sown outdoors from mid-May on.


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