17521 Sesamum indicum


Packet Content: 25 seeds



The sesame was originally indigenous to Tropical Africa, India and China. The annual sesame plant is one of the oldest spice plant. It has been known to man for more than 3000 years. It grows branchy and reaches heights of about 1,20-1,60 cm depending on the variety. The bright green, soft leaves are slender, lancet-like with the white-pink flowers being trumpet-like. In Central Europe, the sesame seldomly ripens, because it is too cold here. It nevertheless is a beautiful plant that can be cultivated in a green house or winter garden.

Sowing Advice

Seeds can be started any time throughout the year. Scatter the seeds over moist cultivation soil, cover them with a 1 cm thick layer of soil and move them in a very warm position. At temperatures of around 20°C, the seeds germinate after 7-20 days. Young plants do require temperatures around 20°C as well and should be sprayed now and then. First growth is quite slow.


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