17517 Origanum vulgare supsp. Hirtum


Packet Content: 600 seeds



Indigenous to Greece, to Italy and the Provence in Southern France. The perennial Greek oregano is the best oregano variety per se. This 30-40 cm tall nectar, aromatic and spice plant is a must-have for every herb collection. The Romans brought the plant along from Italy, the name, however, is Greek meaning “mountain delight“. The compact plant with its small, oval-shaped leaves produces many small, white flowers during July and August and can be grown in a pot, bowl, window box or also in a garden bed. The plant is winter hardy and can be harvested continuously from spring until autumn.

Sowing Advice

The seeds germinate well at 15°-22°C. First seedlings appear after about 1-2 weeks. Good herb soil or also cultivation soil is suitable as sowing ground. Outdoor sowing should be carried out no sooner than May when the ground has already warmed up slightly.


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