17533 Thymus vulgaris var. fragrantissimus


Packet Content: 20 seeds



A native of the Mediterranean. Thyme has been a herb and spice herb for millennia and plays a spicy role, especially in the kitchen. It grows into a small and woody plant with equally small leaves. The orange-thyme is just 20-30 cm high and has greenish-silver-gray leaves. In early summer, then show many light pink lip flowers. Something very special is its spicy-fruity orange aroma. The use of this rare herb is diverse. Try it for poultry or fish – a flavoring! It is also ideal for desserts or as a tea.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds on top of growing medium and cover with a thin layer of soil mix. Keep moist until germination. Transplant to individual containers when plants have 4 true leaves. The sowing should be done in warm and you can put early plantlets into the open air in April or place them in the pot / on the balcony / terrace.


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