20208 Crithmum maritimum


Packet Content: 20 seeds



The “Rock Samphire” as this perennial herbaceous plant is called in English, reaches a height of 20-50 cm and grows in nature on rocky coastal rock. Here the plant is quite unknown, but in Mediterranean countries, North Africa or on islands in the Atlantik has a wide range of uses, and its slightly exotic and salty taste is popular. Sea fennel is called `Kritama` in Greece and served as a salad with tomatoes and pepperoni. In Italy, the fleshy leaves are boiled in vinegar water and then marinated in olive oil with mint and garlic – a suitable accompaniment to rice dishes of double umbels are often used for garnishing or pickled.

Sowing Advice

You can prefer the seeds indoors in spring or sow them outdoors directly from May. It takes about 2-3 weeks for germination. Temperatures of 14-20 ° C are best for this.


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