17510 Ocimum basilicum “thai”


Packet Content: 200 seeds



Indigenous to Thailand and Malaysia. One cannot imagine the Vietnamese and Thai cuisine without this annual, Far Eastern spice plant growing to a height of 30-40 cm. The distinct basil grows easily and strongly. It produces beautiful cluster-like, red-violet inflorescences that form a magnificent contrast to its leaves. It adorns every herbal window box and is an eye-catcher for every herb-garden. It should be pot-planted in bunches. Since snails are crazy about basil, pots are ideal for outdoor cultivation, for they can be moved around quickly. The leaves have a spicy flavour with a slight anise note and an exotic scent. Leaves and shoot tips can be harvested throughout the year.

Sowing Advice

Distribute the fine seeds on moist herb soil and press them on. Do leave the seeds uncovered, for they need light to germinate. Keep moist by simply spraying the soil surface. At 15°-25°C, germination takes about 7-12 days. If you plan to sow the seeds outside, wait until mid-May so that the ground is able absorb some heat.


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