17509 Agastache mexicana “Sangria”


Packet Content: 50 seeds



The Mexican giant hyssop is indigenous to Mexico. Planted in a tub or garden bed, the robust and easy to care for giant agastache with its terrific magenta-red, fragrant flowers and its edible leaves, reaches about 100-120 cm in height. (Since the leaves resemble nettles, the plants are also called anise hyssop.) The flowering period is between July and end of October. The gourmet herb is characterized by its lemon flavour and its fine nuances of anise. The leaves and flowers can be freshly harvested from summer until autumn and dried for storage as well. Special tip: Planted in a container and placed outside on the porch, the plant attracts many butterflies with its flowers.

Sowing Advice

The seeds do germinate quickly. Given an ideal germination temperature of 15°-20°C, first seedlings will already show after 7-14 days. Seeds can be sown inside as well as outside. Cultivation soil or herb soil provides the best conditions for that.


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