17512 Thymus mastichina


Packet Content: 250 seeds



The plant is indigenous to the hills of the Iberian Peninsula. This small, 20-30 cm tall, very robust evergreen shrub is growing in the mountains of Spain and Portugal, where temperatures are very hot during summer and bone-chilling cold during winter. The leaves are hairy and of silver-grey colour. Very beautiful, white inflorescences appear during summer. The mastic thyme is an ancient, Mediterranean aromatic herb. It can be perfectly grown in a pot within our regions and can also spend the winter outside in a dry location.

Sowing Advice

Seeds can be started at any time throughout the year. Distribute the seeds on moist herb soil and cover them thinly with soil. If sowing outdoors, wait until mid-April. At 18°-25°C, the seeds will germinate after 2-3 weeks.


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