17518 Ocimum basilicum cinnamon


Packet Content: 200 seeds



This rare basil is indigenous to Mexico – occurs also in other Tropical countries. It speciality grows to a heights of 30-40 cm and is characterized by its pleasantly sweet aromatic scent. The annual plant grows bushy, is very sturdy, productive and vigorously growing. Because of its red-purple flowers and its vibrant glaring dark-green leaves it is exceptionally decorative. Do not miss this exotic mixture of cinnamon and taste of basil. The leaves do really have a wonderfully light scent of cinnamon.

Sowing Advice

Sprinkle the seeds on moist herb soil or cultivation soil, cover slightly and leave for germination at 18°-20°C. First seedlings appear after 10-12 days. Seeds can be started in a pot, window box or outdoors. Being a plant that requires warmth, basil will only germinates at temperatures of 17°C and above, therefore seeds should not be sown outdoors before mid-May.


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