17522 Coriandrum sativum


Packet Content: 250 seeds



The coriander was indigenous to the Orient, Mediterranean regions. Today, it occurs almost worldwide. This robust and productive, annual herb is a well-known culinary herb from the Asian, Mediterranean and South American cuisine. The flavour is intense, however, of mild-spicy taste. You either love it or you don’t. Coriander translated means “fragrant herb”. The plant can be grown annually and produces somewhat round serrated leaves on the stems. Flowers appear already after 4-6 weeks in the white or pink-coloured umbels. As soon as the plant is producing its globular seed clusters they have to be supported so that they will not bend.

Sowing Advice

Cultivation is easy and given temperatures of 10°-20°C the seeds germinate within 2 weeks. Either indoors throughout the year or in an outdoor position from May until November. Put the seeds about 1 cm deep into herb soil or well-drained garden soil and keep evenly moist.


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