17525 Illicum verum


Packet Content: 10 seeds



Illicum verum is native in Thailand and Vietnam. The real star anise belongs to the star anise family and becomes a small, evergreen tree with elongated, leathery leaves and whitish bark. The magnolia-like flowers are yellow-cream to pink. All parts of the plant have a pleasant smell of anise. The woody fruit capsule has the shape of an eight-pointed star. The Chinese have known the star anise for 3,000 years as a medicinal and spice plant. The plant found its way to Europe only in the 16th century. In Japan, the tree is sacred and is therefore often planted in temples.

Sowing Advice

Seep the seeds overnight in a damp cloth. Then place 1 cm deep in moist growing substrate or sandy soil. The seeds germinate best at 22 ° – 27 ° C.


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