17536 Artemisia absinthum


Packet Content: 150 seeds



This perennial plant with its gray-green foliage and yellow flowers has very aromatic properties and scent. It is used to give the wormwood its typical taste. In addition, there are no pests in the vicinity of this herb – it has a repellent effect. The about 1 m high plant is also known as wormwood. Absinthe is native to the dry and sandy areas of North Africa, Eurasia and also occurs in Central Europe. In antiquity wormwood was considered a medicinal herb and should have found versatile use. In France, absinthe became a fashion drink or a fashion drug for the artists and workers of the time in France around 1900.

Sowing Advice

The best sowing time is in spring from March to May, or in autumn in September and October. At a germination temperature between 22-25 ° C, the first shoots appear after 10-14 days.


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